Who is THRIVE?

THRIVE is one key actor with a supporting cast. Dan Parman is THRIVE. After 20 years as an international consultant and business owner, he became passionate about raising money for worthy causes.

Who THRIVE Serves

THRIVE is a Christian-oriented organization serving both Christian and non-Christian not-for-profit organizations. We have worked with social services organizations, Christian evangelical organizations, social enterprises and schools.

Where THRIVE Works

Thrive works in environments of trust. There are always two essential ingredients necessary for performance and productivity to thrive. Those essentials are character and competence. Every non-profit organization has key executives with character and competence. They are given the responsibility to support, manage and track the execution of the Mission of the organization. These executives are skilled professionals who have been placed in positions of authority.

Thrive works in the board rooms and offices of these executives.